Les 10 premières destinations de retraite au monde pour 2017
Article de Kathleen Peddicord, éditrice de Live and Invest Overseas

Jeudi 3 août 2017 | Visible sur

Du Mexique à Malte, Live and Invest Overseas a classé ses 10 meilleures destinations pour la retraite pour 2017.

Ils ont utilisé 13 critères: coût de la vie, criminalité et sécurité, anglais parlé, divertissement, conditions environnementales, communauté d'expatriés, soins de santé, infrastructure, loisirs, options de résidence et taxes, ainsi que l'accessibilité immobilière et les restrictions à la propriété étrangère.

In the true south of the country on the shores of the Mediterranean, this town of about 2,000 residents is a bustling market town popular with locals who come from all around the region to taste the locally grown produce and artisan goods — a truly French experience. Though it may be small, Saint-Chinian has everything you need for daily life — local produce shops, restaurants, bars, doctor's office, dentist, pharmacy, a health shop, wine cellars — yet it is still a small, charming little town, barely more than a village, typical of the region and packed with history and lots to see and do.

What else do expats cite as the reasons they chose this part of the world for retirement? Better weather tops the list for the mainly British and northern European expat population seeking bluer skies, but also the opportunity for more outdoor living… good-quality, fresh food… fantastic and accessible art, history, and culture… dependable and high-quality health care… beautiful and varied countryside… good infrastructure yet little to no traffic… and, above all, a slower pace of life that comes inherent with this tranquil, peaceful town.

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